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2005 spring

Instructor: Elin Christopherson
"As a choreographer, can you break down a person's bathroom habits into a series of ritualized movements? What are the objects inside there that you reach for daily? What would other people reach for? Create a ritualized container to make the place of cleansing and grooming a trend-setting spot of interest with your custom vessel. is your vessel a repository for your body detritus, or is it a dispensary for some desired product? Will the vessel become transformed when it gets filled? What will it become?"
  • 2005.04.04 assignment 3: Instructions for survival (pictures, poster 0.5MB PDF)
"The end of your world as you know it looms near: Colonial interests are encroaching on your lands and resources are dwindling. As the sound of mega-machinery grows louder on the horizon, you craft an important object in the best way you know how, to leave for the last of your tribe to use. Your object will help others to fend off the invaders and thrive."
"Choose an object that is smaller than a penny. This thing can be a construct of humans or something from nature. Scale this object up so that it is larger than a loaf of bread. Create this scaled-up object out of glass with or without other materials."