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2006 spring

Instructor: Jonathan Teppeman.

Blow-slot schedule

 9-12Bryson + KatieKatie + RenataJoe + MatJon + Justin9-1
Eric + john
12-3Katie + RichDan + RichJim + ShanieJoe + Tony
 3-6Dan + JimRenata + ShanieJoe + RenataBryson + Tony1-5
Mat + john
 6-9(class)Eric + MatJon + JustinBryson + Mike


Assignments and demos

  • 2006.03.01 Assignment 1: the magic 8-ball
    "Possible Skills used: blowing, hot sculpting, cutting, mastery of fate... 
    For this project we will be at the mercy of the all and mighty Magic 8 Ball. We often let fate lead our lives. In this project we will let fate design our art. However in this piece as in life we can steer our destiny by the approach we take. First you will gather at least 8 objects. No less than 5 of these must be made out of glass and of those 5 no less than 3 will be hand made. Then you must attach these objects together by cold working, glue, binding heat, etc. Where and in what order these objects are to be placed together will be decided by asking very specific questions to the all and mighty magic 8 ball.   
    The result should fit on a pedestal (or the floor): think gallery-ready.  Document your questions and the answers."