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2007 fall

Instructor: Jonathan Teppeman with Nathan Watson
Class overview [PDF]
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Blow-slot schedule

9am-12noonAri + MatTom + AriViva + KateGarren + JonTom9am-1pm
David + john
or Nate
12noon-3pmAri + TomViva + KateTom + VivaGarren + JonSean + Gabe
3pm-6pmNateBryson + MikeGabe + SeanGarren + JonMat + David1pm-5pm
Matt + john
6pm-10pmClassMatt + ChrisClassMike + MatBryson + Matt



Dates shown are due dates.

Wednesday 2007-11-07: It's All in a Word

Nate writes: It used to be that visual artist expressed ideas that they could better illustrate or more thoroughly examine through images and form.  Works more often stood alone supported only by the strength of their execution and the clarity brought forth by every brush stroke, curve, piece, inch, color, element and placement.  Although there has always been much conversation accompanying displayed works, there did not exist such a dependence on an explanation of context or background information for us to be able to engage art. 

The art world is full of people who can speak volumes and write pages about a single work, but is it possible to make clear, relevant, and interesting art from a single word.  Absolutely!!

I would like you all to think about something that is relevant to you and then extract a single word that you think embodies that idea.  The word does not have to be an English word, or fall into any particular category of language.  All that I ask is that you are able to find a legitimate definition for the word.  Secondly I would like you to imagine ways that this one word can be expressed or translated to an audience visually.  It is not acceptable to simply sculpt the word and read it back to us! I want you to consider where the word comes from, what it means, how it feels when you hear it spoken, the different meaning that it can have, how it has been interpreted over time. 

Over the next 3 weeks you will be expected to choose a word, examine the meanings and context of the word, and develop a project that will embody and express what this single word really is.  You must execute a relevant part of this project in the glass studio.  On October 24, you must present this project in its completion to the class along with a list of 7 statements that express how your project relates to the one word that you've chosen.  The statements will be read after we discuss the work as a group. 

I suggest that you begin by making lists and using a dictionary, Wikipedia, or Google.  The great thing about the Internet is that it may take you to an unexpected place.  Just try it and see what happens!  Then you may want to write out some physical properties that you feel might help illustrate what you're thinking about.  Will you need multiples, lots of color, transparency, scale, or contrast?  It will also be helpful to think about the properties that glass can have and the meanings that can derive from those properties so that they can contribute to your ideas.

Monday 2007-10-08: eight drawings

Eight "solid" pages of sketchbook drawings and/or writings that include all of the things we've talked about including past projects, current and future ideas regarding process and concept.  Also include notes on class time demos and issues from your own blow-slots.  Essentially a glass class diary.  You may also cut out images from magazines, paste articles, make collages, computer images or drawings are fine.  This assignment is required and non-negotiable. Sketchbooks will be collected and graded.

Monday 2007-09-10: draw an object

Draw an object you have created, and then how you would have liked it to be

Monday 2007-09-17: drawings

What do you hope to achieve this semester?


Monday 2007-10-01: 
wrapping a chair!